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Vietnam is considered as one of the top destinations for travelers in the Southeast Asia region. The country is characterized by a long shape from the North to the South. Relative to its lands, Vietnam has one of the longest and the most beautiful abundant coastlines, facing the Eastern Sea and the Gulf of Thailand at the same time.

Best time for a trip to Vietnam

Vietnam is a long, narrow country with different regions’ destinations, monsoons and heatwaves shifting from south to north.

The weather in Vietnam can be split by region.

  • In the Northern part May to October is hot and humid with high rainfall. November to April is dry and cooler. In the far north part of Vietnam like Sapa, Lao Cai it’s particularly cold and you can expect to see snow in December.
  • In the Southern part November to April is generally dry and hot. May to October is warm and dry with heavy rainfall. It normally has storms and floods in central area cities like Quang Binh, Hue in October.

Discover the top 10 Vietnam places to visit

Top 10 Vietnam places to visit. Highly recommended from our expert team at Asia My Way

A rich culture and cultural heritage combined with various landscapes. From the mountains in the North, to the highlands and its coasts in the Center, to Ho Chi Minh bustling city and the fertile Mekong delta in the South, allows Vietnam to offer multiple interests. Here is the list of Vietnam places to visit you should not miss, easy travel with Vietnam family tour

Hoi An Ha Long Bay
Hoi An Town is a well-preserved trading port dating from the 15th to 19th century. With the yellow theme it’s buildings and it’s streets reflect the authentic and the influences by both indigenous and foreign. No trip to the north of Vietnam is complete without a cruise trip in Halong Bay. The spectacular beauty of the bay, with its towering limestone karsts, make this a natural wonder worthy of a UNESCO World Heritage listing.
Sapa Phu Quoc island
Dubbed the “town in the clouds” by locals, Sapa is the most beautiful city in the Northwest of Vietnam with terraced rice fields, a cool climate and hospitable and friendly ethnic people. This beautiful island is located 45 kilometers from the southern mainland of Vietnam. The island is ringed with fresh seafood and many amazing beaches such as Ong Lang Beach, Sao Beach, Khem Beach and Long Beach.
Da Lat Cu Chi Tunnels
Unlike any other city in Vietnam, Dalat is the combination of cool weather, phenomenal waterfalls and surrounded by beautiful hills makes it the perfect place to avoid the heat of the cities. Located 55 miles northwest of Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon), Cu Chi Tunnels are a network of underground tunnels which are carved out by hand. A popular tourist destination for visitors with an evocative look of the Vietnam War.
Hue Hanoi
Hue was the Imperial capital of Vietnam under the Nguyen Emperors. By visiting Hue, you can not only learn about the King’s history, tombs and pagodas but also it is an amazing place for food lovers. Hanoi is the capital where you can experience both old and modern Vietnam. The old quarter, opera house and tasty street food vendor with Bun Cha Obama are something you should not miss.
Ho Chi Minh Mekong Delta
As an economic center city of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city ( Saigon) is the busiest one in Vietnam where you’ll find a convivial, surprisingly laidback city that’s easy to explore with a wide range of gourmet restaurants, abundant street carts and nightlife activities. More than half of Vietnam’s rice and fish comes from the delta region, so you can see how vital it is to the Vietnamese economy and diet. A day trip to Mekong delta can give you an insight life of Mekong Delta locals, floating market, fabulous coconut farm and amazing murky delta rivers.

A guided holiday to Vietnam

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You will be amazed by religious and spiritual temples next to towering skyscrapers in modern cities. Vietnam is the place where you can experience thrilling commemorations and ceremonies dating back hundreds of years. Where you can chill-out and relax on white sandy beaches, home of numerous luxurious resorts.

When traveling with Asia My Way in Vietnam, you’ll experience all that this beautiful country has to offer. From the bustling cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, to the Unesco of Ha Long Bay, the central mountain area and the edge side of the southern part of the tour tour Mekong Delta. Our trips to Vietnam include a variety of activities, so whether you’re interested in the country’s history, traditional customs or food cuisines, we’ll explore it all. No trip to Vietnam would be complete without trying some of its local delicious food like legendary Pho (noodle soup)or fresh spring rolls. You’ll have the opportunity to sample its delicacies and learn how to prepare the country’s traditional dishes at a Vietnamese cookery class by your choice.

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