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Vietnam is considered as one of the top destinations for travelers in Southeast Asia region. The country is characterized by a long shape from the North to the South.  Relative to its lands, Vietnam has one of the longest and the most beautiful abundant coastlines, facing the Eastern Sea and the Gulf of Thailand at the same time. 

A rich culture and cultural heritage combined with various landscapes, from the mountains in the North, through the highlands and its coasts in the Center, to Ho Chi Minh bustling city and the fertile Mekong delta in the South, allows Vietnam to offers multiple interests.  

You will be amazed by religious and spiritual temples next to towering skyscrapers in modern cities. Vietnam is the place where you can experience thrilling commemorations and ceremonies dating back hundreds of years, where you can chill-out and relax on white sandy beaches, home of number luxurious resorts.   

Whether you’re planning a historic tour in Hanoi, or an unforgettable cruise in Halong Bay, or an urban exploration of Ho Chi Minh City (former Saigon), Vietnam will provide any journey preference to visitors. 


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