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Myanmar (Burma) is the largest and most western nation of Southeast Asia. Combined with a traditional way of life due to periods of inaccessibility following British colonial rule, the destination is sharing its borders mutually with Bangladesh, China, Thailand, and Laos, resulting in a strong mixture of cultural influences.

Closed off for decades, Myanmar remains unpolluted by the globalization seen to other places in Asia. Despite all the recent changes, the country remains at heart a rural nation of traditional values. It’s a new period for this extraordinary and multifaceted land, where the landscape is dispersed with golden pagodas. You will have the chance to meet men wearing the sarong-like longyi, chewing betel nut, women with faces smothered in thanakha (a natural sunscreen) all over your journey.

Travel to Myanmar is like traveling back in time. For visitors looking for an “untouched” destination, Myanmar is the perfect place to explore.

Why travel to Myanmar?

The locals in Myanmar are genuinely happy to see a tourist. They really want you to have a great time in their country. There are also many attractive Myanmar destinations that you will want to visit again and again!

Here are some of the special places you should not miss when you are in Myanmar:

Temples of Bagan, Myanmar Hsinbyume Pagoda
Bagan was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means that all temples are closed while visitors climb to the top to watch the sunrise. Nonetheless, Bagan is a fantastic reason to travel to Myanmar! The beautiful all-white circular-shaped Hsinbyume Pagoda is located just outside of Mandalay in Mingun. Climb the stairway to the top for a spectacular view of the river.
Bagan Balloon flight Golden Rock
Floating between 2200+ temples as you slowly feel the warm sun on your face. A sunrise balloon flight is a unique way to see Bagan. A 20-meter-high golden rock at 1100 meters in the sky is regarded as Myanmar’s most important Buddhist site. It will be worth the time when you travel to Myanmar.
Yangon World’s largest book
Yangon isn’t like other large cities in Southeast Asia. It doesn’t knock you off your feet like the organized chaos of Ho Chi Minh city’s scooter flocks. It doesn’t swarm you with tourists like neighboring Bangkok. Still, when it comes to things to do in Myanmar, Yangon is a must have on your list. One pagoda surrounded by 729 smaller white pagodas, each containing a marble stone book page. They form the world’s largest book when combined. The Kuthodaw Pagoda is a must-see Myanmar destination located in Mandalay.

What to eat in Myanmar?

Burmese cuisine is one of Myanmar traditional foods. Every meal includes seafood and plant-based meals served with rice. Spices, as in neighboring countries, are used to flavor the dish. Here are top 10 Myanmar traditional food you should try when you travel to Myanmar:

  • Traditional Burmese curries, Burmese salads, and soups that are traditionally eaten with white rice.
  • Tea leaf salad
  • Shan-style rice
  • Tea shop meal
  • Sweet snacks
  • Deep-fried stuff
  • Shan-style ‘tofu’ noodles
  • Nangyi thoke
  • Mohinga
  • Shan-style noodles

An adventure trip to Myanmar is now easier for everyone to travel, enjoy many special places and Myanmar traditional food that the country has to offer. Contact our team to plan your Myanmar tours in advance.

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