Myanmar (Burma) is the largest and most western nation of Southeast Asia region. Combined with a traditional way of life due to periods of inaccessibility following British colonial rule, the destination is sharing its borders mutually with Bangladesh, China, Thailand, and Laos, resulting strong mixture of cultural influences. 

Closed off for decades, Myanmar remains unpolluted by the globalization seen to another places in Asia. Despite all the recent changes, the country remains at heart a rural nation of traditional values. It’s a new period for this extraordinary and multifaceted land, where the landscape is dispersed with golden pagodas. You will have the chance meeting men wearing the sarong-like longyi, chewing betel nut, women with faces smothered in thanakha (a natural sunscreen) all over your journey. 

Travelling in Myanmar is like travelling back in time. For visitors looking for “untouched” destination, Myanmar is the perfect place to explore.


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