A wonderful vacation trip to Cambodia

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An adventure trip to Cambodia is the ultimate South East Asian Experience

Cambodia is on the move. After decades of civil war with the violence and genocide by the Khmer Rouge, Cambodian people have moved on to start a new life in peace. Under democracy, modern Cambodia welcomes foreigners to visit and get to know the beautiful country of Cambodia. Where you can experience Cardamom Mountains, the banks of the Mekong, peaceful Khmer villages or the legendary temple of Angkor Wat.

An adventure trip to Cambodia will inspire you to contemplate the happening where antique and contemporary worlds hit with Khmer people’s courage and friendliness make Cambodia a traveler’s paradise.

When is the best time of the year to book your Cambodia tour package?

Seasons are probably the most concerning issue when you plan to book a Cambodia tour package. Unlike countries in the West with four seasons, Cambodia is warm year-round so you can enjoy a tropical getaway any month you travel. There are only 2 seasons in Cambodia which are dry and wet seasons. We would highly recommend the best time to make a trip to Cambodia is between November and March, when it is both cool and dry.

Asia My Way is offering the tailoring experience to bring you the most wonderful and enjoyable trip to Cambodia. Contact us to book your Cambodia tour package.

Places to visit in Cambodia

When people discuss places to visit in Cambodia, Angkor Wat is probably the most popular place. But, not only Angkor Wat is only one of the few things to see and explore, there are many places to visit in Cambodia that are sure to keep your interest in its historical sites and magnificent landscape. Specifically, Cambodia’s topography has played a considerable part in its history. Its central position along the Indochina Peninsula and moderately flat land helped the rise of the Khmer empire from its base in Angkor for over 500 years. There is something magical about this charming and formerly mysterious kingdom where you want to discover more and more. Take a trip to Cambodia to experience a slice of intoxicating history, meet the incredibly friendly Khmer people and take-in the country’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Moreover, the country could be well-defined by heritage, contrast and bravery through its long and rich history. A surprising collection of historical offerings proudly takes the extent of the country’s former glory that will be absolutely worth the time traveling. The must-see attractions in Cambodia are beaches, modern cities and suitable jungles to explore. Other places to visit in Cambodia that we highly recommend are: Banlung in Northern Cambodia, Battambang City, Kampot, the gateway to Bokor National Park, Small town Kratie, Sihanoukville beach, remote temple area Koh Ker and many more.

When having the Cambodia tour package with Asia My Way, you’ll experience all that this beautiful country has to offer. No trip to Cambodia would be complete without trying some of its local delicious food like Phnom Pleung. Our travel experts are ready to create a Cambodia tour package for your next holiday. Tell us where would you like to go?

Enjoy your wonderful time with our Cambodia Vacation Package

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