The 10 Unmissables of Luang Prabang – Laos

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Preparing a trip is first and foremost about the activities offered by the destination you are looking for.

At AsiaMyWay, your local Southeast Asian specialist for more than 20 years, we have thought of you. Our local agent Caroline, gives you her top activities to do and places you can not miss on your next visit to the former capital of the Land of the Million Elephants. A city full of resources where everyone can easily find their little piece of paradise. To help you during your next stop in this charming city, we present today the ranking of the 10 discoveries to be made in Luang Prabang.

1 - Kuang Sy

If there is a place you can not miss when you visit the former capital of the Kingdom, this is it. Nestled in the forest a few kilometers from Luang Prabang, the falls of Kuang Sy are a real enchanting site. The waters flowing in several pools of turquoise water cascading in the middle of the vegetation offers breathtaking shades of blue and green . These turquoise waters encourage swimming in the respect of Lao manners.

2 - Living Land Farm

One of the most recommended places by our local agent. This farm located just 30 minutes drive from Luang Prabang will allow you to discover and participate in all stages of rice cultivation: from planting to harvesting to your plate.

Living Land is a community tourism project led by the dynamic Mr. Launt – Through this activity, Living Land advocates for a reasoned rice cultivation without the use of pesticides and finances English classes and tutoring for 7 pupils from neighboring villages selected at the beginning of the year by the teachers according to their merit and all from families in difficulty.

3 - Phousi mountain

This sacred hill located in the city center is accessible by a long winding staircase in the middle of many pagodas filled with legends. After climbing the summit, you will be rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view of the city and its rivers. We suggest to our customers to go there for the sunset to admire a setting all the more soothing.

4 - The night market

In Luang Prabang, every day, from 5 to 10pm, the Night Market is set up on the main street. Do not hesitate to go for a walk between the different stands, where you can find a lot of souvenirs. Be aware nevertheless, some items are unfortunately not Lao productions. To know our best places to buy souvenirs made in Lao, keep reading.

5 - The Wats

Luang Prabang is the city of temples. Listed in 1995 as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, it remains a symbol of Buddhism in Asia. One can count more than sixty temples. Among those recommended by our local agent is the XiengThong Temple, the most beautiful temple of the Royal City that has a vast set of sacred buildings. It is one of the jewels of the Lao art. Discover it with one of our local guides with whom you can learn more about the history of this magnificent temple and the Buddhist religion.

6 - T.A.E.C museum

The Traditional Arts and Ethnies Center is a museum whose collection allows to discover the great diversity and cultural richness of the different ethnic groups living in Laos (Laos, Hmong, Tai, Khmu, Akha …) This museum is supported by the NGO in Australia and is funded solely by individual donations, entry fees and proposed activities. It supports local communities by developing with the women of different ethnic groups products from traditional crafts, weaving, embroidery and small decorative objects of quality.

7 - OckPopTok

Ock Pop Tok, which can be translated from Lao by, East meets West, is a social and solidarity company where you can participate in workshops to learn how to weave and to see the hard work of weavers . The Living Crafts Center has a weaving and dyeing room, a school and an exhibition space. Sharing, learning and culture are the hallmarks of any move to Ock Pop Tok. A quick tour through the shop for the purchase of souvenirs made by hand and Lao

8 - Tak-Bat

It is almost obvious, the orange color predominates in Luang Prabang. Indeed, the city is part of an obligatory passage in the life of a monk. It is in a spiritual silence that you can attend the ceremony of Tak Bat,a parade of saffron dressed bonzes in the streets of the city, which takes place at sunrise (around 6:30). The monks come from the many temples of Luang Prabang in long silent processions, seeking food and offerings to the faithful. This ritual is unfortunately very often disturbed by the tourists. Respect them, and refrain from disturbing their walk. Finally, it is better not to buy rice prepared by merchants who see the opportunity to earn some money, (it is a ritual that does not concern Westerners).

9 - Phad Tad Ke Botanical Garden

The botanical garden of Luang Prabang is undoubtedly a place full of poetry and tranquility. You will have to cross the Mekong for about ten minutes to reach it. This garden aims to discover all the endemic plants and flowers of Laos through various fun and educational courses suitable for children and adults in a natural setting and full of magic.

10 - Nahm Dong Park

To finish this top 10, we also propose to accompany our customers not far from Luang Prabang, at Nahm Dong Park. Based on eco-tourism, the park is a paradise for lovers of outdoor activities and allows a return to nature. Between the waterfalls, the forest, an organic farm, a small zoo, a mint farm or activities such as trekking or Zip line, the park certainly has something to please everyone, children and adults alike. In addition, it is important to note that the profits generated by the park’s activities are partly donated to the neighboring village to help the poorest people, or the disabled.