Thailand: Travelling as a family

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Why an ideal destination ?

Thailand is the ideal destination for family travel for three main reasons:

  • the kindness of Thais who love contact with foreigners
  • its quality of hospitality, for the comfort of all members of the family
  • the possibility to practice many sports activities of all levels: walking, climbing, diving, rafting, etc.


What to know?

There is no specific information to know before leaving. We can however give you some useful tips, not to be surprised on the spot: 

  • always stop at the national anthem (6 am and 6 pm local time)
  • never set foot on a coin when it falls to the ground (King’s portrait)
  • women should always have shoulders and legs covered when visiting temples, as in most Buddhist countries.

What are the 3 best places to see as a family in Thailand? 

  • Kanchanaburi, for its floating bungalows on the Kwai River and its elephant camps
  • Chiang Mai, for treks, homestay nights, cooking classes and, again, elephant camps
  • Krabi, for beaches and various seaside activities.


What are the 3 best family activities in Thailand? 

  • Spend a day with the elephants of Kanchanaburi or Chiang Mai
  • Take a traditional Thai cooking class
  • Go trekking and spend the night with the locals in the beautiful region of Chiang Mai.