The three highlights of Myanmar

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is a Southeast Asian nation of more than 100 ethnic groups, bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand.

1-     a cruise of Inle lake

It’s 8am, Inle Lake wakes up and it’s a Burma forgotten by travellers that offers itself to you, along a cruise on a charming boat. First set out on the long canal that leads to the lake, you are then simply spectator of the mist that has not yet fully risen on the lake: magnificent. You can then discover the floating market with its multitude of products, from the most beautiful lotus thread fabrics to cigar scents… It is then the crossing of the floating gardens, where the gardeners welcome you and make you discover their culture and their harvest. Far away let yourself be surprised by a sweet music: thousands of little bells hung on top of the stupas vibrating in the wind, enter this very particular atmosphere. As the hours pass, the sun gradually descends behind the mountains, it turns orange and the sky turns shades of orange and yellow violet blue, it’s just beautiful, lucky to be the privileged witness of a generous nature.


2-     Shan people and their FOLKLORE

First ethnic minority in Burma (11% of the population), the Shan (meaning literally “the free people”) possess a powerful cultural identity that forces admiration and an exemplary history. Like the Karen, the Shan came from Yunnan (south of China) in the 13th century and first settled in the north of the country, in Ava, near Mandalay. Open yourself to another Burma, the authentic one. Burma awaits you is Orwell’s Burma, the one you can discover in his book “Histoire Birmane”, the Burma of last century. And sometimes, in these villages, you’d feel you still are. You will certainly not get out unscathed! Going to meet these Burmese is sharing their culture: Shan music, very different from Burmese music, uses ozi drums that can measure up to two meters long! Although mostly Buddhists, the Shan live through animal dances a very colorful mythology. The martial dances of the swords and torches are spectacular! Discover its new rhythms and enter the dance, as a return to the sources of this civilization.


3-     treks

Burma opens up to the world. Between past and present, this journey takes us on paths still little used by the flourishing tourism. Burma also means hikes that end in the magic of Inle Lake. Traced by great rivers, bathed in the Andaman Sea, and head to the Himalayas, Myanmar offers to every journey a nature where infinite possibilities of treks are still to be explored.

Observe the orchard farms, the terraced agriculture and the thick forests preserved by the villagers. Climb to the top near the village to enjoy its breath taking view of Inle Lake. Myanmar is undoubtedly one of the most shocking countries in Asia… it will surprise even the most experienced traveler!

The essentials

Kayaking on Inle Lake

All to the east of Burma, Inle Lake still keeps this strange and calm beauty, out of time, almost intact. On the water, the kayak allows you to discover a place to measure: enjoy a journey of communion with the environment, nature lovers, you will take a delight in theses privileged moments, with the people and the magic of places. The opportunity is beautiful to approach the Intha fishermen, balancing silhouette of the lake and the few endemic animal species. Gently let yourself be carried away, trace your path as you paddle, mark this day as a rare moment: memorable.

Ballon ride over Bagan

Leave in the early morning for an unforgettable experience: fly over the Bagan plain in a hot-air balloon at sunrise. Bagan, ancient capital of the Burmese kingdom is today a Buddhist archaeological site of nearly 50 hectares nestled on the banks of the Irrawady river and gathering hundreds of pagodas!

To fully grasp the magic of the plain, board a balloon and let yourself be enchanted by the atmosphere of this sacred land. You will be able to admire the sunrise on these some 2000 temples aged nearly 1000 years!

This flight will offer you a breathtaking view of the ancient Burmese kingdom and the opportunity to observe the pagodas of the Bagan plain in unique conditions.


Why choose Asia My Way?

Asia My Way has been present on the territory since 2007, which makes it the pioneer but also a specialist of the country.

With a team that likes to renew itself, Asia My Way takes you to the discovery of great classics as well as novelties.

Finally, our local agent Nyein, passionate about her country, will share with you the stories and secrets of this golden land for an authentic and intimate immersion experience in this incredible country that is Myanmar.